Salad Processing Line
Salads are an intricate part of a meal. Like a dessert, a meal is incomplete with wholesome salads. At present, in the supermarkets, you can find frozen salads packed at your disposal. Many food processing industries have extended their product lines into making salads for selling. Because of this reason alone, Dofra Foodtec's engineers have designed a most efficient Salad Processing Line

Lettuce processing lines and Segmenting Machines are used in processing salads. Lettuce is used in almost all salads in abundant quantities. Dofra here brings to you a complete lettuce processing device that not only cuts the lettuce but also de - cores, slices and washes the lettuce before using. And the good news is the entire process is automatic. You would not find any extra moisture accumulated in the process. You can use centrifugal or tunnel drying. We also have equipments to mix and pack lettuces effectively.

Segmenting machines efficiently slices cucumbers, onions, carrots and other salad vegetables in proper shape and thickness. It also segments different citrus fruits for similar purpose. The vegetables are first peeled with our peeling product lines, and then cut into salad shapes in the slicing process and finally the end results are brought together and packed for inventory. All these huge procedures albeit sounding difficult and time consuming are actually carried out within minutes.
The machines' maintenance structure is also very less. Washing the machine and its gears can be done in a simple way. Dofra Foodtec equipments are solely made for large quantities of chopping and cutting and are hundred percent cost efficient.
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